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No matter who we are -- it should be our human right to claim ownership of ourselves at life's end. When our most basic quality of life has been taken, through incurable illness, we each need the right to choose a peaceful end.

82.5% of Australians shared that view, when surveyed in Newspoll 2012 Poll.

Voluntary euthanasia (VE) is a community issue -- touching everyone when a family member, a friend or a colleague wants release from an illness which has no cure.

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15 March 2014 State Election South Australia Legislative Council

Check if your election candidates from both the House of Assembly and Legislative Council support legalising voluntary euthanasia in this upcoming election

Legal Voluntary Euthanasia group, candidates Stephen Kenny and Amy Orange

Started in 1983 SAVES main aims are
  • To campaign for a South Australian law that provides for "medically assisted" end-to-life, as a right, in appropriate circumstances, and with defined safeguards.
  • To raise public debate to a point where our Members of Parliament enact a VE law which provides everyone the choice to end prolonged and painful suffering.
  • A timeline of achievements in delivering on the aims can be seen in the timeline.

    SAVES is not affiliated with Exit International / Dr Philip Nitschke

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