There are an increasing variety of resources available which explain why voluntary euthanasia is needed, how it would operate, how it works in overseas jurisdictions and the history in Australia.

See below a selection of these resources.

GoGentleAustralia - the website of the Andrew Denton team


DyingforChoice - the website managed by voluntary euthanasia campaigner Neil Francis


Advance Care Directives

Australia 21 Pre-eminent think tank Australia 21 was established in 2001 to address Australian society’s difficult questions and to create a framework of increased public understanding of complex problems. In January 2013 Australia 21 hosted a Roundtable on voluntary euthanasia, with a report titled The right to choose an assisted death: Time for legislation? Prior to the Roundtable, a background paper titled How should Australia regulate voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide? was published. Both reports are available on the Australia 21 website.

World Federation of Right to Die Societies 

The World Federation is based in The Netherlands. The WFRtDS site includes links to societies around the world working towards legalising assisted dying.

Oregon Department of Health

The Oregon Department of Health publishes Annual Reports on the operation of the Oregon Death with Dignity Act. The first report was published in 1999.

Advocacy Groups

Doctors for Assisted Dying Choice

South Australian Nurses Supporting Choices in Dying

Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Assisted Dying

My Body My Choice

Voluntary Euthanasia Youth Advocates

Lawyers for Death with Dignity

Paramedics Supporting Choices in Dying

SAVES resources

SAVES Bulletins

SAVES Newsletters

SAVES June 2015 Forum  - The Voluntary Euthanasia Story – the epic journey to make it legal: listen to speakers at the Adelaide forum including Dr Rob Jonquière, Communications Director, World Right to Die Federation, Hon Marshall Perron, former NT Chief Minister and sponsor of the world’s first Right to Die legislation. The Voluntary Euthanasia Story – The epic journey to make it legal watch the Adelaide Forum June 2015 here

SAVES Factsheets

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SAVES pamphlet on Voluntary Euthanasia

SAVES pamphlet on Palliative Care

Advocacy Groups - doctors, nurses, young people, people with disabilities, christians, lawyers

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Sister Societies



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